I’m a small town, southern gal born and raised in South Carolina…. “God’s Country”, as I fondly refer to our quaint, little state.  I am a graduate of the University of South Carolina, Upstate but a Clemson Tiger fan for life!  An oxymoron, I’m very aware (huge rivalry, you understand this if you are from the Carolinas!).  I’ve been known to “cut-a-rug” (aka: spontaneously burst out clogging).  And I’ve been known to “bless a few hearts”, in true southern fashion.  As to my relationship status, I am a “Miss” (Miss Missy to some) vs. a “Mrs.”…. God’s plans to unfold! And I’m the proud mother of the most adorable and comical Italian Greyhound named Juno.

I love the outdoors, hiking, dancing, running, the mountains, the beach, fishing, spending time with my dog, my family and friends. I enjoy traveling, live music, food (although I wouldn’t classify myself as a “cook”).  I have a knack for minimalist trends and fashion. Maybe more like a slight obsession on the last hobby (secretly dream of being a professional stylist). I sell computer hardware and software for a living. Sales is what I do, solving client problems is what I love and being “Missy” is who I am.  I enjoy meeting new people, I’m intrigued that we ALL have a story. Some stories better than others (some more boring than others)…but we all have our place, our purpose, our niche! I am a Christ follower, saved by his mercy and grace.  Blessed more than I even realize most days.

MY PURPOSE….maybe this blog, maybe not.  I’m discovering new things about myself everyday, so we’ll see!  And as we all know, sometimes life presents us with “set backs”.  Several months ago, my set back was being diagnosed with Meniere’s Disease.  Meniere’s Disease is an incurable disorder of the inner ear that causes fluctuating hearing loss, ringing in the ear (tinnitus), a feeling of fullness or pressure in your ear and unpredictable, spontaneous episodes of vertigo.  Hence my blog name, “The.Dizzy.Chick.”.  But let’s be honest… The.Dizzy.Chick name is all-encompassing: an incurable disease that left me with hearing loss, unpredictable vertigo and loss of balance, my Type-A, go-go-go personality, my need to have it all done on Missy’s timeline (admitting is the first step right?), my perfectionist tendencies and ultimately, my drive and passion for life and business. I’m literally, a dizzy chick!

Regarding Meniere’s, many are not aware of this disease and in the medical world, there is no “known” cause (what triggers it, auto-immune related, etc.).  There is still much research to be done, which is extremely frustrating.  Not to mention, taxing… physically and mentally. I’m not just a dizzy chick, I’m also a walking science project too.  Life changed overnight and the conveniences we are afforded daily are not applicable to me anymore. I am required to maintain a low-sodium diet, hard for anyone that travels.  Especially for someone who travels frequently!  Not to mention, I’m NOT a cook, although forced to become one overnight.  Exercise and doing the things I enjoy (running, hiking, merely being active in general) does not come easy for me anymore. My energy levels are low.  Many people do not understand nor can relate.  Meniere’s Disease is commonly referred to as an “invisible disease”. You would never know someone is suffering by looking at them.  To everyone else, they “look normal” although suffering inside.  It can be extremely debilitating and depressing. I’ve experienced both first hand. My goal is to share my own personal experiences with fellow readers (and fellow sufferers) by providing absolute transparency (the good and the bad).  But my hope is that I offer some encouragement that will inspire other dizzy chicks (and dudes) to stay determined and motivated to find your balance (literally and figuratively), walk tall and be confident again.

This disease is just a bump in my road (or at least for now anyway). Some days it’s a fall! But I’m determined to get right back up, continue traveling, continue selling, continue meeting new friends, continue being a wanna-be Foodie (low-sodium style), continue being a FUN “Aunt M” to my nieces and nephew, continue dancing, continue my passion for trends, continue going to concerts, continue going on hikes, essentially… continue LOVING and LIVING my life! Despite my circumstances, I couldn’t be more blessed!  Meniere’s Disease has certainly impacted my quality of life. But it’s also provided a fresh perspective on how I view and appreciate life.  I’m finding my strong and I refuse to settle!  Join me for the ride ahead!  Yeeeeehaaaaw Y’all!

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    • Thank you so much for sharing this video! I loved his message, it’s a powerful one! Times of alienation and storms can be his protection and blessings. I needed this reminder and will keep it close to my heart as I go along. Thank you again!


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