Tips on Increasing Your Activity Level & Managing Fatigue

Do you ever feel like👆🏼??? But much too often??  Just plain tired y’all!!

After the weekends, it seems like my fatigue levels are higher and I spend days recovering.  Or after a busy week of work and/or travel.  Really anything that expends energy is not accepted by my body as it once was.  This can be increasingly frustrating if you are typically an active and on-the-go person like myself.

I came across this article from the Vestibular Disorder Association therefore it is written specific to those suffering vestibular disorders.  But in my opinion, the article is applicable across the board.  If you are suffering Meniere’s Disease, this is a must read.  Some of the suggestions I currently do now. But there are other suggestions that I hadn’t thought of that may help to increase activity levels and manage fatigue.  If anything, reading this article was validation for me that I’m not alone in experiencing, at times, extremely low energy levels.

If you’re like me, it’s time we stop beating ourselves up for feeling “lazy” and accept the realities of living with a vestibular disorder.  But there are things that we can do to help alleviate some of the anxiety and stress so it’s less taxing on our bodies. For others affected by Meniere’s Disease and/or an autoimmune disease or anything life changing, this is worth the read!  Let’s stick together and keep supporting each other! It goes a long way! 

Please feel free to share your comments or suggestions as to what has worked for you.  I will share them with others in need of encouragement!  Peace & love peeps! 

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