Distractions: It’s Been A While…

If destruction fails to entangle us, distraction will do it's best....click for more Beth Moore quotes

Hey Y’all,

I hope today’s much overdue post finds everyone happy, healthy and loving life to the fullest!  Yes, I said much overdue because I’ve disappeared from the blog since umm…. MARCH!  Whoops! Let’s just say there has been much going on to keep me distracted. But no excuses, I’m guilty as charged! 

Speaking of distractions, I don’t know about you, but I often allow things to distract me from all of the above mentioned.  Enjoying life, happiness, being healthy, etc. It’s not intentional y’all, it’s just LIFE! And it seems that life has a funny way of offering plenty of interruptions and distractions whether it be fun things, not so fun things, situational things, and/or circumstances beyond our control sort of things. And while we do our best to not let interruptions lead to destruction, we often allow them to distract us.

For example, my health continues to prove a challenge for me. Having Meniere’s Disease makes me really tired. I have no energy some days to get out and do the things I love. Often, I feel insecure that I’m not as strong as I was before.  This interruption in my health has made me even more afraid of the unknown (as if I wasn’t already afraid enough!!).  And although my symptoms are somewhat under control, and my hearing improved, I’ve managed to somehow contract colds or sinus infections that have set me back (or as I view it at least). Unexpected things that cause me to be frustrated and lose focus. 

As with life, there are unexpected things that come up in our jobs, there are the unexpected actions of others that hurt us, or there may be someone that unexpectedly needs your help and you are… well, busy! There are unexpected health issues, the list goes on.  Distractions.  Interruptions.

Historically, I have found that distractions are what I allow to dictate my feelings and how I react to situations. They halt my progress and keep me from time with God (notice I say “they” vs. taking ownership). I also allow them to distract me from my routine and Heaven help us ALL when this happens!!  I tend to allow distractions to impact my rest, which results in unclear, negative thinking, and impacts my overall well being.  And if I continue to allow distractions to derail me, it will keep me from seeing my purpose, my goals, and more importantly, they will keep me from seeing and hearing God clearly.

I recently listened to Holly Furtick’s Mother’s Day message which was titled “The Gift of Interruption”.  Holly is the wife of Pastor Steven Furtick at Elevation Church in Charlotte, NC. And how appropriate to have her speak on the day in which we celebrate mothers….because mother’s never experience disractions, right?! 😉

When I first read the title of the message, I immediately thought “there ain’t nothing good about an interruption… so how can it be a gift??”.  You know, the moment you are rocking and rolling at work and you get that unexpected thing that comes up or the unexpected visitor that stops by which halts your progress.  Ummm, that’s no gift. Or that evening in which you plan to rest and relax and something unexpected comes up and steals your night. Nope, nothing good about that either. So how can we view interruptions as a gift?! She had me intrigued so I decided to listen. 

Not even 15 minutes into the message I realized that my perspective was all wrong and my attitude needed some tweaking!  Holly pointed out that sometimes we get “so busy with unimportant things that we miss the important things”. And that sometimes it’s hard to tell the difference between what is truly an obstacle vs. an opportunity. That’s right, an opportunity.  Holly reminded us that sometimes, interruptions and distractions could be  “invitations or opportunities” for something so much bigger and greater than we could ever imagine.  But it’s our perspective that dictates whether we view the distraction or interruption as an obstacle or an opportunity.   

After reflecting on that truth for a minute, who am I kidding… for days…. it was hard at first to find opportunity in those painful or inconvenient times of distraction. I can’t honestly say that feeling bad so often is a joy. Because it’s not.  But what I can say is, the rest that is required from sickness brings me closer to God in so many ways.  It has allowed me to see that my strength comes from God, not my own. He has allowed me to be more empathetic to those who suffer diseases or deal with daily struggles as well.  It has allowed me to see things that are more important  vs. the things that really, at the end of the day, simply do not matter. 

1 Peter 3:8 tells us: “All of you should be one of mind. Sympathize with each other. Love each other as brothers and sisters. Be tenderhearted, and keep a humble attitude”.  That said, although my situation is not the favored situation, it is the one that humbles me and allows me to be open to others.  It forces me to lean on God’s truth, not my own understanding.  And I’ll be honest, I’m not always good at this…. I’m human. It’s hard to fully submit and trust The Lord completely some days.  But I know it’s the only way.  

I am not a perfect Christian.  I have never and will never claim to be.  In fact, I have a long way to go in my walk with Christ.  I get distracted with the best of em’! I overthink, I don’t rest as I should, I’m a people pleaser, I’m a workaholic, I’m a busy body.  Basically… I live and breed constant distraction in my own life in addition to the unexpected.  I am much more of a “Martha” than a “Mary” (reference Luke 10: 38-42). Yup, that’s me… Good ole Martha, #blessherheart! 

In Luke 10, we learn that Martha was distracted with serving and making sure that everything was perfect.  But Mary on the otherhand, was more concerned with The Lord himself, what he had to say and his teachings.  In this passage, when Martha mentions that “she’s doing all the work” The Lord replies to her: Martha, Martha, you are anxious and troubled about many things, but one thing is necessary. Mary has chosen the good portion, which will not be taken away from her”. 

Whew! Talk about a gut check!  That’s right, a big dose of #thatswhatsup .  Again, as Holly said in her message, “sometimes we are too busy focusing on the unimportant things, that we miss the important things”.  Each day I have to succumb to the to fact that I need to rest.  Fully, physically and spiritually rest in the arms of our Father.  And in order to be reenergized, refreshed and keep an “opportunistic” approach and perspective, I’ll need to make it a priority to bask in HIS word daily.  Not the word of “Missy” and of “others”. The Word of God.  And THE.BEST part is, that when I choose the “good portion”, it will not be taken from me”. 

If you are floating along in the same distracted boat as me, I pray the same for you too!  That you will choose the good portion!

Spin Ya’ Later Y’all,


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