Obedience Through Sickness – Say Whaaat?!


Happy Sunday Y’all!

It’s been several weeks since my last post! I think this Dizzy Chick has been thawing out since a trip to New Hampshire at the beginning of the month. Seven feet of snow for my sweet friends in the North East (bless their hearts!!). And it seems those wicked, frigid temps and ice followed me back to the “warm” state of South Carolina! Brrrrr… I hope all my dizzy and non-dizzy peeps are staying warm wherever you are and that life is treating you exceptionally well!

Aside from the cold temperatures, these past few weeks have offered their fair share of challenges with some blessings in between. The Meniere’s Disease research has been ongoing, I have good days but there have been more bad than good of recent. Frustrated and often wanting to throw in the towel, I didn’t. My purpose for today’s post is to remind other sufferers and/or readers (potentially going through some sort of storm) why you can’t give up either!

Last Sunday, February, 15th, was a tough day for me. It started in the morning with a slight headache, extreme fatigue and dizziness. Constant disequilibrium that I couldn’t ward off. Miserable feeling to say the least. That morning I decided to watch our church service from home. My energy and mood were already taxed and I was disappointed that I would not be able to attend since there was a guest Pastor speaking (who I love!!). #bummedpartyofone to say the least! I had been anticipating him speaking ALL week! Oh well….watching him speak from home would just have to do. Thanks to my parents and my boyfriend, I now have the conveniences of an iPad and Apple TV to console my momentary woes of watching Steven Furtick rip us back to reality through his unbelievable ways of sharing God’s truth. My friend Fran and I get so excited to share his pod casts as his perspectives are extremely applicable to life. That said, I’m all propped up on the couch and ready to go!

The service begins, the music beautiful per usual at NewSpring. Perry Noble, our pastor comes onstage to kick off the message and to introduce the guest Pastor… STEVEN!! Yeehaaaw! I’m so pumped! And in the next moment, an emotional Perry begins to speak about some of the tragedies in several of our church campuses over the past week. A young child dies of cancer, a faithful contributor and owner in the church commits suicide, and a young couple delivers a stillborn child. Our Pastor’s heart is literally breaking for the people in our church. So humble. So real.

Perry shared with us that God had called him to preach on healing as so many in the church needed healing. And I’m in awe of a Pastor that loves his church enough to rebook an iconic guest Pastor so that he could LEAD his church to understand that healing is available to us all. That Jesus is a healer and how we can come to know Jesus as our healer! My heart is warmed and encouraged as this type of leadership and raw emotion is rare to see in churches.

As a person who has been spiritually broken, who is physically broken, who has been relationally and emotionally broken and felt nothing short of a miracle would help, this message was so powerful for me and our church. Perry reminded us that God is not mad at us for being sick. That no matter our sickness: , spiritual, emotional, relational or physical, Jesus just wants us to be well. Perry then reiterated that God has given us the gift to walk WITH each other and SUPPORT each other. Not judge each other. That is what the church should do and will do if it is of Christ. Perry then asked that the Care Team in our Church come down to pray healing over those that needed it. In that moment, I was bummed that I was not there. But I also felt like walking down and admitting that I was broken would be slightly embarrassing and awkward. You know, that moment when good ole pride kicks in and steals your joy! And of course I’m reasoning the fact that I pray for myself… my family prays for me… That’s enough right?! And in the next moments, I realize how wrong I truly am and that a blessing is soon to follow….. If I’ll just trust and take the next step.

After the service, my boyfriend sent a text asking if I wanted to go to church with him for prayer. Of course, I appreciated him asking but gently let him know that I had already watched the service. As the day went on, I continued to feel worse lying around feeling somewhat depressed that this is just “how my life will be”. And hours later at 5PM, my sweet friend Fran texts me: “Praying for your healing now. Did you go to a service today? I feel God leading you to go ask for healing at a service. It is awesome to have someone pray healing over you, it is powerful. I hope you don’t mind my advice. Hugs!!” Whoa!!!! Twice in one day, two of my favorite peeps are leading me to a service for prayer. You’re probably reading this thinking “what is the big deal???”. But friends, this is a VERY BIG DEAL. Those texts were a GOD THING! And when you hear God calling, YOU FOLLOW. I quickly got ready, Dustin picked me up and we took off to the 6PM service where a sweet girl prayed for my healing. I couldn’t even hear all that she prayed from the music, but the feeling that came over me in that moment is unexplainable. There are no words to describe the peace that comes from being obedient. You just feel and know it was right. It was exactly what God meant for you.

On Wednesday of this week, I went for my six month follow up with my Otolaryngologist and the Audiologist for a hearing test. Nervous, of course, to learn how much my hearing had either improved or deteriorated. Wondering if they would do another intratympanic injection while there. I simply prayed for good news and hoped for the best.

As I’m catching up with the Audiologist on how I’ve been over the past six months, she explains that with Meniere’s Disease, a patient’s hearing will slowly continue to fluctuate and deteriorate over time. Nice way to start off huh?! Real positive feeling… NOT!!! So then the test began… Right ear first, worst ear first. I felt myself becoming more overwhelmed as I could not distinguish between the constant, screeching tinnitus or the hearing test itself. Panic was setting in but I breathed and pressed on through. Test complete.

To my surprise, the Audiologist returned with a shocked but pleasant look on her face to share that my hearing had actually returned to the normal range again!!! Aaaahhhhhhh!!! (and the angels sang!). She was pleasantly shocked and said the doctor would review next. Proceeding on to the doctor visit, he reviewed my MRI which was reassuring, we discussed me giving up chewing gum which has provided TMJ relief and then we moved on to the hearing test. He was extremely pleased with the results and kept commending my efforts in sticking by the low sodium diet, by keeping with the meds and by doing all research possible to determine my triggers. He stressed the importance of meditation, stress management and keeping with the low sodium diet. He was proud of my results and that I had listened and obeyed what he asked me to do exactly. Praise be to God for this news!

After the appointment, I received another text from Fran asking how my appointment went. After sharing my good news, little did Fran know that her next words would change my life in that moment…. Her text: “Girl!!!! #powerofprayer. You are obedient. To God and to diet.” Whaaaaat?! Obedient?! Was I really??? Let’s face it, fully trusting and following is not always my strong suit. Especially when your health has changed your life completely. So I thought about what she had said and meditated on her words for a bit… My conclusion which I later shared with my friend:

Fran and Dustin’s leadership, encouragement and support in conjunction with Fran’s perspective allowed me to see just how obedient I had been. Although I didn’t realize my act of obedience that ultimately led to my healing, even if only momentarily (maybe forever)….. You see, God placed me in the hands of a capable physician who specializes in my disease. This physician did not have to accept me as a new patient. But he did. And by listening and following his instruction, his knowledge and the treatment course, that was obedience. And by listening to Dustin and Fran’s encouragement to go to a service for prayer for healing, that was obedience and FULLY trusting God’s guidance through their leadership. In return, I received phenomenal results and the greatest gift of all…. a fresh new perspective in how our obedience leads to our healing, our freedom, and ultimately peace! Jesus Christ is our Healer! And I need to know Him as my Healer.

God is molding me through my storms. And I am blessed and grateful that he’s doing so through wise, loving, caring and Godly friends. They are not judging me even though they can’t fully relate to the disease. Instead, they praying for me and encouraging me through this battle. Emotionally, physically, spiritually, relationally….when I feel like I need a miracle, I will look to God as my healer, confidently knowing that he has got me. Every step of the way!

The most important lesson to me through this experience, and hopefully to those who are fighting a battle today, was the realization that “We want big directional signs from God. And God just wants us to pay attention.”. Thank you to Lysa Terkeurst for helping me to realize this through your ministry!

I’m so thankful that on Sunday, February ,15th, that I listened and paid attention to what God was asking me to do. And that I did not sit in my misery and make excuses. I’m thankful that I didn’t give up on the days that I felt completely hopeless. I’m thankful that I obeyed my doctor’s instructions and the diet. I’m thankful that I didn’t just expect and demand answers or a miracle. And that I saw an extremely intelligent doctor but didn’t waste his knowledge by giving up and expecting him just to “fix me”. I can’t say that this road is an easy one because it’s not. But it’s the road that God has put me on. And I pray that I will continue to find my healing and strength in Jesus Christ. Always.

That is my prayer for you too. That no matter what we are going through, that we always remember that Jesus is the anchor that holds us steady during our storms. As our pastor reminded us today, the tomb is EMPTY. Jesus Christ overcame death. If you are within Christ, ANYTHING is possible. Including healing! Let’s all believe together that “the BEST is YET to come”!


Father, thank you for wise, loving, caring supporters in my life. Thank you for placing me in the arms of a knowledgeable, capable physician. Thank you for a Pastor who loves his church and it’s people enough to pray for our healing. Thank you for your Grace to love me even on the days that I have a hard time trusting you and just want to give up. You are my healer, my savior, my anchor, my all. Thank you Jesus! In your loving name I pray. Amen

Love and Blessings to All!

Spin Ya’ Later Y’all,

One thought on “Obedience Through Sickness – Say Whaaat?!

  1. Once again, your life mirrors mine. I think you attempted to friend request me on Facebook and I accidentally deleted it. I am new to the IPhone world and was reluctant to give up the Samsung Galaxy I so loved, but my fiance insisted (and paid for it so I couldn’t turn it down). Anywho, if you did try, I would love to talk to you. While my “new” physician is fabulous, I’d love for him to talk to yours if possible to help me. I just recently found out I have TMJ (or TMD as they correct me) and one dentist group wanted to break my jaw and rewire it and then put braces on me (looking at $7,500 – as if that will help my stress decrease). I got a second opinion this morning. Thankfully, he said that’s not necessary but I do need to try to work with my dentist and try to alleviate more stress (the root of all evil).

    I did got to service on Sunday and that change in Perry’s heart to do that message was just what I (we) needed. I finally asked someone else (not just God, not just my doctor) for specific prayers for healing because not only is Menier’s affecting my health and wellness, it’s now spilling over to my relationships. People who don’t have this just don’t understand that those days we are “acting” like we’re fine are a MAJOR chore! They just think, “she’s ok” but in reality she’s working double time to appear that she’s okay. Did you notice that Perry actually said something VERY similar to that? Whoa!! I’d like to ask who your physician is and what specialist you are going to. I went to MUSC in Charleston and they were great.

    I’m happy to hear that you did make it to the service. Everything you’ve put into words here, the things I can relate to and the things you expand on motivate me. Thank you Dizzy Chick!


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